Sunday, 26 April 2015

We're in the Yorkshire Dales this week, I think my favourite place anywhere!  It's such a wonderful time of year to visit, daffodils and wild flowers are everywhere.  And the lambs... so many lambs with overprotective mamas staring at us (and especially Harry) as we walk over the fields.

The dry stone walls are stunning, but we have a bit of a struggle lifting a basset hound over the too narrow stiles!  Everywhere you walk there are streams, rivers and waterfalls.

The first photo is where we are staying, and the gorgeous view from our window, I may not go home!

Julie x


  1. I can see why you might not want to go home....though the pull of that lovely home of yours would be very strong. Beautiful countryside, Julie. Spring has certainly sprung over there.....the wee little lamb is so sweet; as is your Basset Hound!! Have a lovely holiday!

  2. How lovely - makes me homesick! So glad to have you back in blogworld, looking forward to hearing all your news. Hope the rest of the holiday goes well, I'm hoping to fit a Dales trip in soon, I'm sad I'll miss the bluebells and lambs but hey-ho, better late than never. Bethx

    1. Lovely to hear from you Beth, hope you are well x I've still been reading your blog even though I haven't done anything on mine! I don't know how you can bear to live anywhere else but here... I would move here tomorrow! The bluebells aren't out yet so you may just catch them x