Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Normal service will resume one of these days!

Hello and firstly thank you to those who have messaged me wondering if I had fallen off the face of the earth!

Since my last post my poor dad has taken a turn for the worse and been in and out of hospital three times in the last five months and now he is on his own he, and I  have found it pretty hard going.

Also we have had a conservatory built and a new kitchen fitted which has taken up an awful lot of my time.  We are really pleased with it and are just waiting for a sofa to arrive to finish it off.

Ben (youngest son) has gone off to Uni, which I have found hard, but George (middle) is still at home and eldest (Chris) is now back from travelling around India and working in China for the last two years, so I'm not suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome!

Work has been manic, I am really, really behind with orders but hope to get up to date by Christmas (Sorry to mention the C word so early but I do now have reindeer garlands over on my Etsy shop ;-) )

I have been popping in and out of various blogs seeing what everybody has been up to over the summer just so I haven't lost touch completely, and am hoping to get back into regular blogging again

Julie x

Monday, 28 April 2014

                                                                (Mum and I)

It was never going to end well, but I thought we had longer than we did.  My mum passed away last week at the still young age of 73.  It was only 4 weeks from her going into hospital so we are all in shock at how quickly it happened.

Thank you so much for all your lovely messages of support, it means a lot and when I am up to it and have time to myself again I will join back into the blogging world xx

Saturday, 12 April 2014

I've had a couple of people contact me as I haven't been around on my blog, or commenting anywhere else.  Unfortunately my mum has been in hospital for the last couple of weeks which has kept me busy.

She has sadly been diagnosed with ovarian cancer... she is now at home, but with only my dad to look after her.  He is only now recovering from a very serious operation he had just before Christmas.  You can imagine therefore I am not having time to blog or read other blogs at the moment, so I am stepping back for a while to help where I can.

I just thought I would let you know as I didn't want anybody to think I was being rude and ignoring them x

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Around the house this week

Mother's Day gifts, Easter plans, birthday bunting, sunshine and flowers, we have a new sofa Harry has a new bed and hopefully some free time during all of that to have a sit down with coffee and one of those cookies.  Hope you have a lovely weekend and the sun is shining where you are x

Sunday, 9 March 2014

What a beautiful day today... we made the most of it and had a walk at our nearest beach.  It was t-shirt weather and families were picnicking and even had barbecues (which was torture for Harry!)  we are so lucky to have this to go to with only a 20 minute drive.  After a leisurely stroll we had coffee sitting on a terrace facing the beach basking in the sun and listening to the waves.  That 2 hours was as good as a weeks holiday!  Back to the sewing machine now!  Hope you are having similar weather and a relaxing weekend x

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Signs of spring

I'm probably speaking too soon, but there have been definite signs of spring this week.  The sun has been shining through very murky windows (a job I must do this weekend!) Blackbirds are singing in the mornings and great tits have been sizing up the nest boxes we have in the garden.

  • Harry finding a patch of sun on his nest/bed/sofa!
  • An orchid flowering for the second year, even better than last year
  • a few plants to put in pots (another job for the weekend!)
  • Daffodils giving so much sunshine and pleasure for £1 a bunch.. all over the house
  • Clematis armandii giving off a gorgeous almond smell in the sun
  • chick fabric I couldn't resist this week
  • Easter bunny made and off to it's new home 
February seems to have flown by I can't believe it will be March at the weekend... hope you have a lovely weekend and the sun shines where you are x

Monday, 17 February 2014


I see that the new Lego movie is out this week in the UK and thought I would share this with you.

Lego has always played a big part in our boys childhood and we have been through many sets... castles,pirate ships, dinosaurs, Star Wars and Harry Potter being a few of them.  Despite, or maybe because they are now 22, 20 and 18 my husband bought them a lego camper van to make over Christmas.  They enjoyed it so much and the finished article is amazing, the detailing inside with a kitchen, seating and even curtains!  It really makes me want to get a real one!

I, being a mere girl, was allowed to hunt for pieces and admire their work, so I settled on making summery butterflies and Easter garlands!

The sun is out today, so I am going to make the most of it and get Harry out for a nice walk and spend some time in the garden.  Have a lovely week x

Friday, 31 January 2014

February ... at last!

January has been a long, dreary, wet month here in Suffolk.  I can't complain too much because we haven't had the flooding like Somerset, but it's been pretty miserable.  But, the days are starting to lengthen and hopefully we'll get much needed light this month.

Although we don't celebrate it (my husband doesn't even bother to say the token 'we don't do valentines cards do we?!' anymore, I do sell a lot to other romantics amongst you!  Thought I'd show you a quick and simple hand made card you could whip up in 10 minutes.

How to make a simple, but effective Valentines card

- cut out a large heart in fabric
- cut a smaller heart in co-ordinating felt
- sew 'LOVE' or similar ribbon on smaller heart 
- hand or machine sew felt heart to fabric heart
- pva glue the completed heart to your card

...and that's all there is to it. Simple, but very pretty

Sunday, 26 January 2014

In denial.....

If I don't look out of the window I can pretend it's not blowing a gale and chucking it down with rain again.  I've filled the house with spring flowers and am choosing spring like fabrics to work with.  Hope you are staying dry, warm and safe wherever you are x

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Elephant in the room

When I make anything I put a lot of thought, attention and love into it.  All my garlands are a bit like children and we all know you should never have a favourite child.  Somehow though, these have crept into my heart and I just love them a little bit more than anything else I have ever made.  But sshh! don't tell anyone x

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Christmas and new year came and went very quickly, especially as we had Chris, our eldest son home with us for 2 weeks.  He is working in China, teaching, and we hadn't seen him for 15 months.  It was so lovely to have him home, but so much worse seeing him off again on his travels, but apparently that's what we're supposed to do as parents, love them and let them go (not my favourite bit of parenting I have to say!)

I had to buy a new sewing machine as I literally ran the other one into the ground.  The dolls were a custom order for a lady who every year buys 12 dolls from me to put on her Christmas tree.  I would love to see the size of her tree as they are about a foot high.  

I had a message on my facebook page on boxing day asking what garlands I was doing for Easter (!) so I have begun designing and making those as well as the custom orders which are keeping me very busy - I'm booked up til May now!

Hope the weather is not too bad where you are, rain and flooding seems to be the order of the day.  I hope the polar vortex that is covering the USA is not coming our way, as all 50 states are experiencing freezing weather including Hell, Michigan reaching -26....  Hell freezing over!

Have a good week x

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

I have been (and will be for a few more days) absent from reading your blogs as my eldest son is still home from China for a few more days.

I will be back soon, but just wanted to pop in to wish you all a very happy, healthy and amazing 2014

Julie xxx