Monday, 9 September 2013

Brooches and bags

... oh and a cat!

This is basically what I have been doing all week, getting ready for the various sales I have in the coming weeks.  I saw a photo on facebook this morning which said only 15 Saturdays until Christmas, which for most probably seems like loads, but for me it heralds the start of my busiest time of year.  My sales in October and November are about the same as I sell for the rest of the year.  So back to it ...   hope you are all well and not feeling the cold too much! x

oh and by the way if you're on facebook I've got a giveaway to win one of the brooches if you'd like one - just look for Haggiz x


  1. Really lovely makes. 15 Saturdays until Christmas? Fortunately I adore Christmas so I can't wait!! x

  2. Me too, but it's just very scary how much I have to do in that time! Jx

  3. Gorgeous makes there, I love the little fox especially. I can't believe it's only 15 weeks until Christmas! Where has this year gone?
    M x

  4. Love the little badges all lined up and mounted on their cards. 15!!!!!!! That's actually a bit get sewing and not blog reading ;)

  5. You make me laugh Beth, everytime I line things up I think of you, knowing that it appeals to you like it does me seeing things made and neatly stacked! I know, it's going to go by very quickly isn't it. Go and sew! :-) Jx

  6. I love all of your makes, how pretty! Good luck with the sales, though I am sure you won't need it. :)

  7. Oh no. The C word...
    Love those robins though... x

    1. Sorry Jessica, but for us makers it's really not long! Jx

  8. 15 Saturdays UUrrgghhh! Looks like you've been very busy though - I love everything but especially foxy! x

  9. Thanks Helen. I've just written a list of the things I think I need to make and have had a minor nervous breakdown. Decided a cheeky midweek glass of wine was needed and suddenly it doesn't seem so bad! Jx

  10. OH MY GOSH!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE those birds!
    I am going to have to visit your Etsy shop, you know in saying that, I really should just buy from my bloggie friends this Christmas, because it will keep them happy and me happy!! Right? Everyone wins!
    I laughed at your comment on my blog, Andy didn't tell me he was doing his water experiment, I would have thought it would end badly, and probably would have put a VETO on it!! haha!
    You came through as a no-reply blogger, some people tell me that I do too, but then other people have no problem replying to me... gotta love blogger eh?
    Tammy x

  11. Thanks Tammy, I don't put a lot in my Etsy shop, if there is anything you see that you would like later on just let me know on here and we can sort it out! I do try to buy as many gifts as I can from small businesses as I think we need the support more so thank you!

    It was a great experiment! Other people have said the same and I am so clueless with technology I have no idea how to sort it out, sorry! Jx