Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Oh well, that's the last bank holiday of the summer and it was a busy one.  The weather was dreadful on Saturday which was a shame as we had a family get together in Essex, which should have involved eating outside and games of rounders, but instead was indoors with the rain bucketing down outside.

On Sunday we went to the Ipswich Maritime Festival.  Ipswich Docks has been completely renovated and is now known as 'the Waterfront'.  I will get used to calling it that eventually!  It has the dubious honour of having the last bomb of WW2 dropped on it and for years was a working dock.  It is now full of yachts in the 'marina' and expensive flats.  The up side is it also has some fab places to eat.  Anyway, back to the festival, there were lots of tall ships visiting and craft and food stalls, a funfare and my husbands personal favourite - a beer festival!  Re-enactments were carried out with cannons going off left, right and centre, causing small children and dogs to howl and a good time was had by all.

Monday I was at a craft fare all day.  It feels like summer is drawing to a close, although the weather is really hot today, Ben will go back to school next week and I am making in earnest for the coming months, just one photo though of some bluebirds and robins that are waiting for feet and beaks before they are made into winter brooches.  I love seeing things lined up neatly!  Hope you all had a good bank holiday weekend - would love to hear what you have been doing x

Thursday, 15 August 2013

I've been housebound this week with a very poorly Harry.  We have been back and forth to the vets and they are unsure whether he has a really bad stomach infection or pancreatitis.  Either way he hasn't been himself and has even been refusing food (this has never, ever happened in all of his 7 1/2 years!)

Silver lining, I have been able to get on with lots of orders.  The fire engine bunting is now finished and has gone off to Australia and I have started on my Christmas makes (sorry!)  I know it's ridiculous talking about a day in December when it's baking hot and August, but if I don't start now I will be in full panic mode by October when I have lots of fairs!

We have been promised rain here tonight and tomorrow and I'm really hoping we get some, everywhere is parched and the garden is really suffering.  I have noticed the evenings are getting cooler and the evenings are getting darker earlier.  Whilst I will be glad of it being cooler I will miss the lovely light evenings.  I do enjoy September though, I still  get that back to school feeling with lots of possibilities and I love autumn.  Is it just me, or do you still feel like this? x

Friday, 9 August 2013

Garden makeover

Sorry I haven't been about much in the last couple of weeks, I've popped over to have a read of your blogs, but haven't had time to post or comment on others much.

We live in a modern house with a very small front garden.  Several years ago I planted the borders of these with lavender plants and it looked beautiful, the bees loved it and there was a lovely smell as you walked up to the front door.  Unfortunately over the years it has got a bit out of hand and my husband, being a complete neat freak, took the hedge trimmer to it.  I tried to tell him that if he cut down to the old wood it wouldn't regrow, but he didn't listen so this year our garden was in a sorry state.

So, something had to be done.  And it was, this week.  Everything dug up, new flagpole cherry trees planted in the middle, alchemilla mollis and new (smaller) lavender bushes planted around the edge.  Then filled in with pea shingle.  It should be easy to look after and hopefully should soon establish, it's looking a little bare at the moment.

The tubs have been moved from the back garden and have bay trees in them, strung with little white lights, which look really pretty at night.  The geraniums that were in there aren't faring well, but I'm waiting til the autumn plants are about, I think I'd like some skimmia plants in there for some winter colour.