Thursday, 25 July 2013

By now you all know the gorgeous boy in this photo, but I thought I would show you him in his element. This is the heath that is just across the road from us.  As you can see it is extremely dry at the moment, but we haven't had any fires yet fortunately.  We rarely have a hot dry summer without the fire engines having to turn up once or twice.  Harry loves it over there, we go twice a day and generally he sees a 'friend' to have a play with.

Not much going on this week.  Ben has finally broken up for the summer holidays, which somehow makes everything more relaxed.  Meals are later and there is no running around to the various after school activities that he does.

Right, I'd better get the hound out for his walk before it heats up any more.  Have a lovely weekend everybody x

Friday, 19 July 2013

Show and Tell

Sorry this is a bit of a 'this is what I made this week' post, it's a handy way to keep a record of what I've made and when.

The baby boy bunting is finished and sent off and frankly I'm hoping not to get too many orders as it took way longer than the doll garland!

She was thrilled with it and has now put an order in for some kind of fire engine themed one (oh good!!! not said in the least sarcastically)  Watch this space!

I had a request for a peg bag on facebook and had a little play and made these two this week which sold immediately and I've had several orders for more - must be all this hot weather people are actually hanging their washing out, which makes me happy, I feel I've helped towards reducing global warming in a very small way!

Lastly, one of the shops I sell my stuff at has a baby section and they asked me to make some bits to go in there.  I've made bunting and soft toys but thought I'd make some bandana bibs which were so easy but great fun - I almost wish I had a baby to use them on (I said ALMOST!)

I made loads, but these were my favourites, especially the cowboy one.

The garden is looking a bit sad, grass completely brown and some of the bigger shrubs struggling, but I am enjoying the summer, so I won't complain.  With eldest son (Chris) in China, middle child (George) has been away for a week on a lads holiday and husband has escaped up to Scotland to watch the golf open, it is very quiet here, just Ben (youngest), Harry and I and don't tell anyone, but it's quite nice!  We're very chilled out, but it will all change when two of them come home at the weekend with a mountain of washing!  Have a great weekend x

Friday, 12 July 2013

What a glorious week it's been, proper summer weather, windows open, washing dry in an hour and ages spent watering the garden!

Lovely to bring flowers in from the garden, there are five different roses in the arrangement, sadly I don't know the names of any of  them.  The pond has turned a bit green with algae because of the sun, but the water lilies have been fabulous

I've been nagged to make boys garlands after the success of the girl doll garlands so have been working on a design this week featuring the teddy, yacht and tractor above.  I'm now making little boys to go in between it and will show you the finished result next week.

Book group at mine tonight, we've been reading The Universe versus Alex Woods.  I found this a charming book, which made me laugh and I had a lump in my throat more than once!  One I'd recommend.

Now off out to lunch with some friends and then tidy my house before book group tonight!  Have a good weekend everyone x

Friday, 5 July 2013

my garden this week

The garden is my favourite place to be this week, it is full of sunshine, roses, baby sparrows and baby frogs! The roses are all old fashioned climbing, picked for their scent and as I am watering the garden in the evening it smells wonderful.

We haven't had sparrows in the garden for several years, I don't know if that is the case across the country? But it is so lovely to have them back there are two families, each with about five babies and they are eating so much bird food from the bird table.

The baby frogs are everywhere I even found one on Harry as he was laying in the veg patch(!).

Lastly I treated myself with some birthday money to this gorgeous apron from Beth at The Linen Cat.  For those of you who haven't read her blog (I can't believe there are many!) pop over and see the wonderful things she makes.  My apron is so well made and such good quality it will last forever.  I feel like a fifties housewife in it and am tempted to put my hair up and wear stilettoes whilst cooking, maybe one step too far!

That's all this week really, hope you all have a lovely weekend and this beautiful weather continues.  I'm off for another birthday lunch tomorrow, then that will be the end of the celebrations honestly! x

Monday, 1 July 2013


It was my birthday on Friday, well, when I say it was my birthday, it was actually mine and my husbands birthday... We were born on the same day, except he arrived exactly four years after me!  Our children have never seen anything odd in this, in fact when younger would always think it odd that other children's parents didn't have birthdays on the same day!

Anyhoo, he took the day off and I unchained myself from the sewing machine and we spent a lovely day at my favourite suffolk seaside town Aldeburgh

Lunch out and then meal out in the evening with two of our sons,  eldest is now teaching in China after travelling for 9 months, we managed to skype him which was good though.

The celebrations carried on over the weekend with a summer ball (nothing to do with our birthday!) and seeing friends and family and I'm meeting friends next saturday for a birthday meal too, so it just goes on and on! Hope you had a good weekend and that this lovely weather we're having carries on x