Friday, 31 May 2013

Grand day out

Had a lovely day yesterday, just me and my significant other.  We went to our local agricultural show - the Suffolk Show.  The weather stayed dry but was cool.

These are local horses - the Suffolk Punch, gentle giants and also the mascot for the local football team - Ipswich Town

These were waiting for me when I got home though, so back to the grindstone today!

Have a great weekend, I think the weather is supposed to improve - here's to a flaming June x

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Thank you for all your lovely wishes last week, my first sale on my own went really well and my brother in law and sister in law stopped by so I was able to visit the loo! so all good.

This week I've been filling the house with the smell of lavender,  making lavender filled hearts, I grow it in the front garden and dry it off each year and it usually lasts all year.  A friend bought me the lillies which are in the hall and smell absolutely beautiful as you walk past.

I had a new delivery of fabric so have been stocking up on  notebooks, I especially love the foxy fabric at the front!

The last picture is of the grass in the back garden.  I have just returned from a local nursery with some plants and just started planting them out when there was a sudden downpour of hailstones and not small ones either so i've retreated back indoors with a nice cup of coffee to sit and write and read all your lovely blogs.  Bank holiday weather I think!  Hope you have a good one x

Friday, 17 May 2013

I have a stall at the Spring fayre at this gorgeous place on Sunday and am very excited.  Not just because it is a beautiful setting and I always have a lovely day there.

...and not just because I have made some lovely new things this week that I am looking forward to people seeing for the first time

... but mostly I'm excited because I have a new flask!  Isn't it a beauty!  My coffee is going to taste so much better from such a pretty container!  I'm easily pleased!  Hope you have a good weekend whatever you are doing x

Friday, 10 May 2013

I've felt pretty smug all winter, since leaving my job in the hospital, that I hadn't had a single cold.  Obviously pay back time now, as I am full of cold with sinusitis as well.  It suddenly hit home this week that having your own business means you don't have time to be ill!  I have orders to fulfill, shops to keep stocked and two fayres this month, which means I have been sewing non stop despite feeling dreadful.  Would I change it and go back to working for somebody else?  Hell no!

Have a good weekend everyone.  Hope you keep well  x

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The weather has been fabulous here all weekend, the first bank holiday I can remember for ages being sunny.  I spent a bit of time here in my favourite spot in the garden.  This was taken first thing in the morning (at about 6.30 - Harry is an early riser!)  Nobody else was up and I sat for an hour with a coffee, my kindle and just enjoyed the peace, watching and listening to the birds.  How do you relax? x

Friday, 3 May 2013

It's been a busy week, clearing the garage and tidying the garden, I've almost filled a skip!  In between I have been busy making, but it seems they are sold almost as soon as they are made!  I've got a couple of craft fayres in May so I really need to get on this weekend, as well as plant all my veg plants that are doing well.  Hope you all have a lovely long weekend, getting lots done, or doing nothing, let's hope it stays warm and sunny x