Monday, 21 January 2013


Still more white stuff fell from the sky (we're really not used to alot in Suffolk) and the garden looks beautiful

I cosied up in a warm kitchen, making a big pot of carrot and ginger soup, vegetarian sausage rolls and a big chocolate and raspberry cake

Lots of lying around sleeping was the order of the day for the boys!

I also had a little bit of time to do some making:  This is Sidney Stork, I thought he would make a lovely baby or Christening gift and would look great hanging in a nursery

You'll find him in my Folksy Shop and if the weather stays as it is I may have time to make Stella the Stork today too. Julie x


  1. Hello ... a new follower for you! Bet your kitchen smelt wonderful after that little baking spree!

    1. Hello and welcome, I'm so pleased to get new followers! Yes it did smell nice, there's something about a warm kitchen after baking. Am popping over to see your blog now! Julie x