Saturday, 26 January 2013

Let there be love

Valentines Day does not make the slightest ripple in the Haggiz home pond.  My once adoring boyfriend went from buying me card, flowers and a gift on our first valentines day to a husband of over 20 years who thinks it's commercialised rubbish.  My 3 sons also have not an ounce of romance in them.  However, I am prepared to swallow the bile of disappointment and make cards for those of you who still like to show a bit of love!


  1. I think they are just perfect. I especially love the last one with the white heart - beautiful. Like you my husband of 20 years needs a little encouragement (coercion) on Valentines Day

  2. Thank you Mama M. Glad it's not just me! Jx

  3. I think I like the hearts on the line best..

    1. That's the nice thing about making things... everybody likes different things! Jx