Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Keeping warm

Well it's all toasty and warm here at Haggiz home, log fire burning, lots of blankets and a big pot of spicy parsnip soup made for lunch.  We had a fair bit of snow fall as it got dark last night, but disappointingly most of it has gone this morning, although it is a beautiful sunny day. I broke my last needle on my sewing machine last night just before I got a bag finished that has been ordered, so until I get some more, I will be in front of the fire.  I had a delivery of felty goodness delivered that I am going to sit and play with! (Thank you Retro Mama, fab quality as usual).

 As the light is quite good today, I have been trying to photograph things to go onto Folksy, but am frustrated with the colours not showing well.  This woollen bag is a cross between petrol and airforce blue, but doesn't look like it in any of my photos,  the best representation of the true colour is the one showing the lining.

As you can see, they look completely different.  Keep warm everyone. Julie x


  1. What a cute little snow heart.

  2. There wasn't enough snow to make much else! Jx

  3. It is difficult getting the colours to look right. Do you use Photoshop? Sometimes you can tweak the colours to make them look more representative.

    I put the links to the 84 steps on the comments page of my blog, but for some reason they weren't highlighted. If you click on the words 'bottom' and 'top' you'll find the relevant posts!

    1. I looked yesterday, thanks. You have an amazing garden I'm very jealous, but that chicken wire would drive me mad! Jx