Thursday, 20 December 2012

The show must go on

: The Sat Nav I ordered for middle son's new (to him - he just passed his test) car won't now be delivered until 5th January

: I have been sent the wrong CD that I ordered for my husband

: The tree lights went bang this morning and it's now looking a bit like Charlie Brown's tree

So I'm now off to brave town again and it's raining really hard.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow!


  1. Our lights are a little sorry for themselves too, we have a few blown bulbs, I think we'll need a new set next year. Hope you don't get too wet - it is pouring down here too. Juliex

  2. It's frustrating isn't it. I can't find the spare bulbs anywhere and I'm just back from town (very wet!) and went from one end to the other and couldn't find lights anywhere! Bah humbug! Julie x

  3. ooohh. I'm on a wing and a prayer since I don't plan to put any lights up until Christmas Eve. If they don't work they don't work. I will hit the sherry bottle and tell myself, like I did last year, that I will be more organised next time.

    1. Things always look better through a sherry bottle! I also will be more organised next year... there we've both got it in writing now! x