Wednesday, 5 December 2012


We have had a light snowfall this morning, Harry enjoyed his morning walk, but as I walked round I was getting stressed about an order I have to finish for Friday.  As I walked, watching the wildlife, I realised how very lucky I am.  Two weeks ago I was working in a very busy department in a hospital, leaving the house in the dark (and it would have been no fun in the snow this morning).  Now here I am working from home, enjoying what I do and I am happy.  Stress over, back to the sewing machine.  Hope to show you what the order is tomorrow.


  1. Harry is gorgeous. Try not to stress and enjoy being at home! juliex

  2. Thanks Julie, he thinks so! and I really am... Do you enjoy being at home with your little ones or would you like to get back to foresting? (if that's what it's called!!) Julie x