Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My boys

I had a short message from my eldest son this morning.  He is travelling in India and won't be home for Christmas.  "Anything that arrives from Amazon with my name on it is to be opened on Christmas Day".  I'm touched that he gave us all some thought whilst on his travels and feel dreadful that we can't return the favour as he is on the move with no address to send things to.  It's very strange buying stocking fillers and presents for just 2 sons this year. I am missing Chris dreadfully, but so pleased that he is having this fantastic experience.

 The only photo I can find of all 3 boys is at a wedding so they all look abnormally smart! From left to right George 19, Ben 17 and Chris 21 (and yes Chris is goosing his brother trying to make him pull a face!) 


  1. A fine set of lads.
    At least Chris is somewhere warm!


    1. Only a mother could love them, Jessica!! He was in the himalayas the week before last so I don't think quite so warm there, but off to Goa for Christmas after spending the week at the Test Match. It's not just a dog's life is it! Hope you're finding some time to relax in between renovations and christmas preparations x