Monday, 10 December 2012

It's beginning to look (a little) like Christmas

Well that weekend went quickly didn't it?  I've started to add a few festive touches around the house

I love having lots of lights around the house, I especially like my Christmas trees

We won't bring our tree for the living room in until next weekend as it is a real one and I want it to still have some needles on it by Christmas day! but I love the tree we have in the boys den. It is made from silver birch bark and looks beautiful.  I took a photo before it was decorated so you could see the bark.

 Have you decorated your house yet?


  1. I do it on Christmas Eve. But this year I have an excuse - house in chaos!

    I do like twinkly lights though, woven through twigs or foliage like your second picture - delightful!

  2. I'm sure brick dust on a tree looks very festive under the right lights!! I love hearing about people's traditions, especially Christmas ones x

  3. Since my first comment, you've had me thinking... will post shortly.