Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A piece of cake

I love reading blogs... I have had some wonderful suggestions for everything from books, through crafting ideas to recipes.  One of my favourites is A Spoonful of Sugar where they have lots of tutorials and some fab recipes.  I tried their flourless chocolate cake yesterday and while it was not anywhere as pretty as theirs, it tasted delicious!

It wouldn't win any beauty prizes would it?!  Can you also spot my new mug?  I visited our new John Lewis this morning and couldn't resist it.

I love giving as many hand made presents at Christmas as I can, unfortunately my 3 sons wouldn't appreciate that very much so it leaves mainly friends.  The notebooks below are for the lovely ladies that run a card making group every month that I attend, hope they like them


  1. That's the sort of cake I really like. It's got delicious written all over it.

  2. Thanks Jessica, shame I can't share it - there's loads left!
    Julie x

  3. Your cake looks delicious! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

    1. I did thank you! I think I'll try one of your lovely cookie recipes next! x