Saturday, 13 June 2015

We're gently being introduced to summer here in Suffolk, the weather hasn't been too kind so far, but it's starting to show promise of warm days ahead.  We have spent days at the coast... our favourite place Aldeburgh has its summer Festival during June, with lots of things going on including the bandstand with different music every lunchtime

It's also the season for Summer Fairs, which I love.  One had different packs of hounds, including a whole pack of basset hounds, a real highlight!

I've spoken about the Suffolk Show in previous years, but this year was very special.  Our good friend was President of the Show this year and we were invited to hobnob with everyone at the Presidents Lunch!  It has rather spoiled us for future years, when we normally take a flask and a pack of sandwiches, but such a treat!

  We have a new Bishop in Ipswich and I was asked to make a cover for this very highly carved (and very fragile) Crozier, It's a bit like a shepherds crook, but absolutely beautiful.  I think it's probably the most unusual request I have had so far, and that comes from someone who makes reindeer for a living!

Talking of reindeer, couldn't resist showing you the new fabric from Dashwood Studio that has just arrived which will be be the basis of lots of my Christmas reindeer, robins and trees this year... I love it!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Late Spring

The garden is blossoming, every time I step out of the front door the alchemilla mollis has grown!  I planted some alliums in amongst it and the lavender which has almost worked... a few more needed I think.

I love what I do, I am so grateful to be able to be at home, creating.  I know it wouldn't suit everyone, but finally I have found what I should be doing (after too many jobs to list). But, and it is a small but, I don't like having to work out of season.  Yesterday I was sitting in the garden, under the wysteria, bees buzzing and sewing the first of my Christmas reindeer garlands!  I know it seems ridiculous, but 5 months of the year have gone already, so I really need to get on with them in among the other orders, so with all the summery photos above you may see an odd one out!

We had a lovely stroll and coffee at the beach this morning, while I coveted the beach huts, I'll have to make do with my beach hut garland for the time being! Hope you are enjoying a sunny Sunday wherever you are x

Friday, 1 May 2015

The last of our Dales photos I promise!  It has been such a lovely week, which has gone far too quickly.  We have relaxed and recharged, without realising how much we needed it.  Elderly parent worries, children and just everyday living sometimes take over and it was just what we needed to stop and breathe... x

Monday, 27 April 2015

I think I have gone on (and on) about my desire to keep chickens one day.  A chance meeting in a field this morning didn't lessen that at all.  They were so friendly I just wanted to scoop them all up and bring them home!

I will keep myself happy with just making them for now.  I especially like the vertical hanging chickens I have been making recently and you can find these on my new website here

Yes, I did say website, see I have been doing something worthwhile whilst away from Blogland!
(Any orders won't go out until next monday as I am away this week) xx

Sunday, 26 April 2015

We're in the Yorkshire Dales this week, I think my favourite place anywhere!  It's such a wonderful time of year to visit, daffodils and wild flowers are everywhere.  And the lambs... so many lambs with overprotective mamas staring at us (and especially Harry) as we walk over the fields.

The dry stone walls are stunning, but we have a bit of a struggle lifting a basset hound over the too narrow stiles!  Everywhere you walk there are streams, rivers and waterfalls.

The first photo is where we are staying, and the gorgeous view from our window, I may not go home!

Julie x

Sunday, 19 April 2015

I'm back!

Hello, it's lovely to be back and I feel ready to restart my blog. I've missed catching up, but life has rather got in the way for the last few months.

I thought I would start by introducing myself again.  I'm Julie, 52, married with three sons age 23, 21 and 19.  When I asked my husband how he would like to be referred to he said 'my long suffering partner' but I think I'll go with Lucky To Have Me (LTHM for easier reference!)  Living in a home of all boys probably influences the very 'girly' nature of my work and needless to say they are not very impressed.

I thought I'd put a photo up so you know who you're talking to... I was waiting for a day when I don't look tired, but I have a dog who doesn't sleep in past 6 O'Clock, so that's never going to happen!  More about him later.

OK, back to the dog... most of you know him by now.  He is a basset hound (the second one we have had) and because I work from home he spends most of his time with me and consequently is a mummy's boy!  He is also the only member of the family who will allow his photos on here

I live in a house that was brand new when we moved in.  We have now been here 11 years and it can be too big when the boys aren't here (travelling, working and at uni respectively) going from just two of us here to seven over easter with all of them here plus two girlfriends, so we can't see ourselves downsizing quite yet.  I'll show you some inside photos another day

We would like one day to move to something slightly in the country with enough garden to grow veg and keep chickens... one day.

Hopefully that has given you a little insight please leave me messages I love to hear from you and will always reply and if you've any questions please ask me anything!  Some of you may have come across my blog via my website, but if you haven't you can find it at

Have a good week.

Julie xx

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Normal service will resume one of these days!

Hello and firstly thank you to those who have messaged me wondering if I had fallen off the face of the earth!

Since my last post my poor dad has taken a turn for the worse and been in and out of hospital three times in the last five months and now he is on his own he, and I  have found it pretty hard going.

Also we have had a conservatory built and a new kitchen fitted which has taken up an awful lot of my time.  We are really pleased with it and are just waiting for a sofa to arrive to finish it off.

Ben (youngest son) has gone off to Uni, which I have found hard, but George (middle) is still at home and eldest (Chris) is now back from travelling around India and working in China for the last two years, so I'm not suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome!

Work has been manic, I am really, really behind with orders but hope to get up to date by Christmas (Sorry to mention the C word so early but I do now have reindeer garlands over on my Etsy shop ;-) )

I have been popping in and out of various blogs seeing what everybody has been up to over the summer just so I haven't lost touch completely, and am hoping to get back into regular blogging again

Julie x